Top 5 Natural Attractions in Chiang Dao

What to do in Doi Luang Chiang Dao

Chiang Do is a rural setting in northern Thailand, whose name derives from its old name, Piang Dao, meaning “at the level of the stars”. This is mainly due to its location in a mountain area with limestone peaks reaching heights of over 2,000 m. The nearest major airport is in Chiang Mai, at about 72 kilometers distance. The town is tranquil and scenic, the area’s natural attractions including the following:

5 Things You Didn’t Know about the La Mancha Region in Spain

Top 5 Popular Things About La Mancha

La Mancha region is a relatively small place in central Spain, this wonderful and culinary-rich country. I think all of us have at least one reason to be thankful for the great things that Spain and the Spanish culture in general have brought to the whole world. If not for the colorful flamenco dance style, the incredible foods and drinks that we should all taste at least once, or for the cozy siesta custom, then at least for the uniqueness of so many regions of the country. Ibiza, Cordoba, Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona, you name it; all are important for Spain’s history and culture.

How to Visit Malaga If You’re on a Budget

Tips to Visiting Malaga on a budget

Malaga is a great place to visit. You can go there during the summer time and enjoy the friendly sun and the warm water. You can this destination with your family or with your friends, either way you’ll have a great time, because in Malaga you can find a lot of things to do and see. If you go there with your family you could choose the more isolated and quiet beach. If you’re on a trip with your friends, you can go to some of the beaches that feature beach bars and discos. The great thing about Malaga is that it’s for both the rich and the people who are on a budget. Here you can see luxurious five – star hotels standing next to low cost hotels.

Gambia Travel Guide

Trip and Travel Guide Gambia Tours

Welcome to Gambia

Gambia, The Gambia or the Republic of The Gambia, is an African country situated in the western part of the continent. It is the tiniest country on the continent and it’s surrounded by Senegal. Gambia also borders the Atlantic Ocean with a short coastline. Until 1965, the country was a British colony. Gambia has a rich history regarding the slave trade. However, since its independence, in 1965, the country became politically stabile and the slavery was eradicated. The state has a fertile land, so fishing and farming dominate the economy. Tourism is also a key factor in the Gambian economy.

How to Live Like a Local in Malaga

How to Live Like a Local in Malaga

The best way to explore any new city perhaps is to immerse yourself into the culture of the locals. Not only do you end up discovering great places to eat at and great places to shop, but also gain amazing insight into the lives of the local people and a deep understanding of the place that you are visiting. This rings especially true for the Spanish town of Malaga which boasts of a rich historical heritage as well as a vibrant local culture.

Singapore Beaches and Beach Towns

Travel ideas and suggestions Singapore Beaches

Singapore is a renowned and cosmopolitan tourist attraction. This small city state is extremely modern, yet it managed to maintain its history and culture. Most of the visitors who come to Singapore are attracted by the Singapore beaches and beach towns. Since there are so many islands around Singapore, the beaches are countless. These world-class seaside resorts are widely renowned and are visited every year by thousands of tourists. Because of the land reclamation, numerous natural beaches have disappeared and the man-made beaches took their place.

Skiathos, Greece – Travel Tips & Tricks

tips and tricks travel to Skiathos

Skiathos is an island situated in Greece, in the Aegean Sea. It’s part of the Sporades Groups and it’s the most visited island in the area. This small settlement is widely known for the tranquility and relaxation it provides. This is probably one of the calmest Greek islands. Thus, it’s a perfect destination for families with children, couples or retired persons. The green terrains and the stunning scenery are ideal for hikes and promenades. However, if you want a little more action you can go in one of the quaint taverns. There you’ll surely find friendly people that can tell you stories about the legendary island of Skiathos.